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Bianchi Lorenzo ® is a brand born from two Tuscan boys with the aim of doing something in this world.
In recent years, pollution has increased dramatically in every city and in every part of the world.
If this wasn't enough, the number of fires increased, burning enormous amounts of forest between 2019 and early 2020.
In Australia we have managed to burn 16800000 hectares, that is the equivalent of approximately 24 million football pitches. I don't know if this gives you an idea, but at this rate we won't get very far.
In the Amazon in 2019 alone, around 74,000 fires were recorded which led to the death of millions of animals and released disproportionate quantities of carbon monoxide into the air.
Another big problem is the plastic that enters our oceans and rivers every day. The WWF reports that to date, 150 million tons of plastic are scattered in our seas.
Animals are forced to live in toxic environments.
The fish we eat on Sunday with potatoes contain quite significant quantities of plastic. ANSA reports that we ingest on average around 5 grams of plastic per week.
Our goal is to bring real data to our customers so that you are aware of what is happening around us.
BianchiLorenzo® gives you the opportunity to plant a tree with innovative packaging.
" Each of us should safeguard this land which is the only one we have. "
We are trying and YOU?